Car safety is something that should always be on people’s minds but it’s even more important during the holiday shopping season. Here are some things to remember and be aware of while you’re out shopping in your car. 

Unfortunately, there are a lot of unscrupulous people out there during the holidays just looking for an easy opportunity to steel something. Just remember that items left in plain view are more likely to get stolen. If your vehicle has a trunk, make sure that’s where you put the shopping bags. 

If you have an SUV, crossover, hatchback or wagon, use a cargo cover. If you don’t have a cargo cover or lose it, order one from the dealership. 

Take the time to go home and drop off the things you’ve purchased before going out someplace else. A few minutes of your time could save you a ton of money and lots of holiday disappointment. 

Sometimes it’s better to park far from a store or mall entrance. Parking a little way out is less stressful because you don’t need to fight over parking spaces. Not only that but parking far will lessen the chances of getting door dings from shopping carts or careless shoppers. Just make sure to park in a well-lit area if shopping at night and always be aware of your surroundings when approaching your car. 

Your car may be equipped with a two-stage remote unlocking system. The first stage unlocks only the driver door while the second stage unlocks all the doors. If your car has this, use it. This will minimize the chances of someone jumping in the passenger side. 

If you have the opportunity, back into a parking space. If you can back into a parking space it will make it easier and safer to exit the space later.  

Above all just be alert if you will be driving during this holiday shopping season.