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No one thinks it’s fun to plan for an emergency, but it’s always a smart thing to do. Everyone should have an emergency kit at home and supplies in case of a disaster. The same goes for your car, everyone should have an emergency kit in their car. Unlike your home where it’s only you and your family, when you’re in your car, you’re sharing the road with a lot of other drivers. This makes it even more important to have and emergency kit in your car, not just for you, but in case someone else needs something.  

So now that we’ve established the importance of having an emergency kit in the car, what should we have in the kit? There are some basic items everyone should have in their kit. 

The most obvious thing to have is a first aide kit. Basic first aide kits are available in most department stores. 

  • Jumper cables in case your car won’t start, or you can start someone else’s car 
  • Basic tool kit with flathead and Philips head screw drivers and basic size and adjustable wrenches 
  • Knife or cutting tool of some kind 
  • Duct tape has countless uses and should be kept both in the car and at home 
  • Energy bars and instant food are always a good idea to have just in case 
  • Extra water just in case 
  • Always carry carboard or carpet in case your car needs traction when stuck in mud or snow 
  • A fire extinguisher in case you or someone else needs it 

These are some of the basic items that could help in an emergency. Always keep a change of clothes and a blanket in your car in case you get stranded. A flashlight can also come in handy once it gets dark. Some people carry road flares and emergency radios in their car. It all depends on how prepared you want to be just in case the worst should happen.