Last year, different media confirmed what only a few considered an absolute necessity. In the state of California, a pilot program is carried out to discover the advantages and opportunities of electronic license plates for automobiles. However, different reactions and opinions have questioned how useful these plates actually can be.  

Despite its high cost, electronic license plates for cars are a reality that could become the norm in a couple of years. This is why we must ask ourselves about the benefits these plates can bring. In addition, we should be aware of the cost of these being an important aspect of the change. Also, knowing where and how to get them will help us have a better perception of this new device.  

What Benefits Do I Get with Electronic License Plates?  

The digital plates for cars that some drivers have already added to their vehicles mean solving several current problems. The first and most important benefit is that the boards have an integrated GPS system. This has been done in order to reduce the rates of theft of cars and trucks that currently exist.  

In addition, they include a system that allows us to remotely and immediately update our registration with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). This means that registration tags will no longer be necessary.  

What Is The Price Of These Plates?  

Currently, the price to purchase one of the digital plates for cars is $ 699 USD. In addition, it is necessary to cover installation expenses, as a specialist must do so. Once installed, this plate generates a monthly fee of $ 7 to keep it running. This could be one of the reasons why the electronic badge program has not been as popular in the state.  

Where can I get digital plates for cars?  

If we decide that the best decision we can make is to obtain this digital plate, we must remember that at the moment they are not available through the DMV. In order to obtain them, it is necessary to locate and contact an authorized distributor. However, it is only possible to acquire Rplates through the only authorized distributor so far, Reviver Auto.  

Now, if we consider that this is not the best option for us, we should not worry. The pilot phase of the program will be carried out for a couple of more years. This gives us a little more than a year before we are forced (or not) to be part of this change.