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There are two kinds of people who buy cars, the ones who buy a car as merely sensible transportation, and the ones who want to make a statement. There’s not a lot to say about those just wanting transportation other than to check out consumer reports and shop around. For those who want to make a statement however, here are some of the latest trends in car customizing. 

Wraps have become a huge trend in the modified car world. Because of advances in materials and methods of applying the wraps, it has become increasingly difficult to tell the difference between a wrap and a custom paint job. With the price significantly lower than a good custom paint job, wraps are quickly becoming a first choice for many custom car enthusiasts. 

Air suspension is another one of those things that has been around for a while but has had a recent upsurge in popularity. with prices becoming more and more affordable, along with various finance deals available for them, it’s certainly going to be another big modification for 2018. We’re sure to see more cars on air suspension throughout the this year. 

Wide body kits have been around for a while but are still popular throughout the world. These wide body cars kits literally come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you are prepared to give it a go yourself, get a body shop to create a custom wide body kit to suit your car, grab a universal kit online and make it fit, or buy yourself a high-end kit from companies such as Liberty Walk and Clinched. When done right, there’s nothing that gives your car that sporty expensive look than one of these kits. 

These are just some of the more popular trends in the custom car world. Making a statement with a car is different for everyone and taste vary from person to person. It can be anything from bolting on some custom wheels to full body mods and custom paint. It’s all up to the individual.