A paint job is one of the most delicate parts of a car and can be damaged easily. Everything from bird droppings to rubbing up against rose bushes can cause blemishes and damage to a paint job. People often leave small scratches and blemishes alone because they don’t want to go through the trouble or cost of getting them fixed. While getting small scratches fixed may cost some money, the consequences of not getting them fixed could lead to more expensive problems. 

Small imperfections like scratches on your cars finish could cause you to lose money if you decide to sell the vehicle. Someone looking at your car as a possible purchase may see these blemishes as major aesthetic issues. The cost of the repaint or repair job might be lower than the reduced price you’d eventually get for your car later. It would be better just to fix the issue before attempting to sell the car so that you can attract more buyers and get top-dollar for your used auto. 

The paint job on your car isn’t just for looks, it also serves to prevent corrosion. Protection from the elements helps preserve your car for the long run. While a small scratch probably won’t immediately start the corrosion process, over time it might add to the breakdown process. For the best chance of avoiding rust it’s just better to get the scratch fixes as soon as possible. 

Delamination is what happens when a layer of the cars paint begins to separate from the coats beneath it. In layman’s terms it’s known as peeling and it can have many causes including poor surface preparation. But it can also be caused by small dents or scratches which can expose underlying layers to the elements. Better to get those small dents and scratches fixed before it starts peeling.