It’s always a good idea to be a safe driver and when it’s raining driving safety becomes even more important. Here are some safety tips to remember when driving in the rain.  

Remember that it’s always safer to drive with your headlights. This is especially important on rainy days when the visibility is down. In many states, laws require headlights during rain or whenever visibility is less than 1000 feet. That is about a quarter of a mile or three and one-third football fields.   

Driving safely is one thing, but it is also important to make sure your car is ready for a rainy day. Make sure your tires are good. Threadbare tires are dangerous in any weather and much more so in rainy conditions. Get your brakes checked before the rainy season begins if possible. Make sure your windshield wipers are in good order. 

When driving in the rain it’s not a good idea to use your cruise control. Rainy weather demands full attention. Keep your eyes on the road, your hands on the wheel, and your feet ready for action. 

Some people drive the same in all weather conditions, but this is not a smart thing to do. A cars breaking ability can be significantly decreased in the rain and the visibility is also reduced. Smart people adjust their strategy around changing conditions. On rainy days it’s smart to keep your distance in case someone up ahead spins out or has some other kind of problem. Drive slower in adverse weather conditions.  

The main thing to remember when driving in rainy weather is to be patient and stay alert at all times. It’s bad enough to drive distracted in good weather but driving distracted in rainy weather increases the danger significantly.  

Be a safe driver in all weather conditions and especially in the rain.