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Part of operating a good auto body and paint shop is insuring the safety and health of everyone concerned. People are often under the misconception that body shops aren’t that dangerous. People fail to take in to account all the power tools and chemicals that are used in auto body shops, each with their own safety concerns. 

Body shop professionals are exposed to fillers, solvents, paints, primers and polishes while prepping and painting a cars exterior. In addition, there is often a lot of sanding and metal grinding involved. All these processes produce harmful dust and chemical vapors that can damage a technician’s lungs, skin and eyes. For this reason, technicians must wear protective clothing to shield their skin and eyes, they often wear filtering masks or use oxygen-supplied respirators to avoid breathing harmful airborne chemicals. 

There are also dangers of slipping or falling in the body shop environment. Spilled grease, paint and other liquids on the floor create potential hazards. Tools that were not put away properly after use can also present a danger. For these reasons body shops make sure that their technicians are instructed and are in the habit of cleaning up and putting away tools to prevent these dangerous situations. 

There are a variety of power tools used at a body shop, any one of which can be dangerous. Reputable auto body and glass repair shop owners and managers understand that there are potential risks posed to their technicians. For these reasons most shop owners and mangers implement health and safety precautions to protect them and their employees.  

From a customer’s perspective, a cleaner and tidier shop simply looks more professional and efficient. This attention to safety standards helps keep everyone safe and healthy and promotes a better attitude among technicians and customers alike. So, the next time you need the services of a body shop, investigate a little and make sure they are practicing good safety standards.