Ensuring the safety of our drivers is an important responsibility that no hauling or transportation company can afford to put in a second level. There are many different ways to make sure our drivers are safe and protected, including constant up-training, awareness campaigns, and investing in technological solutions. However, there are several gadgets out there that can easily enhance and ensure the safety of our drivers in case of an emergency or unfortunate situation. Here are some of our favorite safety gadgets that will definitely make drivers’ life much easier.

To begin with, we have one of the most useful gadgets we have come across in quite some time. Every driver out there knows just how important it is to make sure our tire pressure is the right one before we go on the road. Even when tire manufacturers recommend checking tire pressure once a week, this is rarely the case. Tirely is a wireless tire pressure monitoring system that displays the pressure level on each tire, helping drivers remain safe while on the road.

Every driver has experienced getting on their vehicle only to discover that its battery is dead, feeling frustrated and stressed, with very few options at hand to solve this problem. However, drivers don’t have to go through this again as long as they have with them a Portable Car Jump Starter kit. All you need to do is connect the portable car jump starter to your battery, start your engine, and you’ll be ready to go. Besides, it comes with many useful features including an LED flashlight, a seatbelt cutter and a window smasher, and you can even use it as a power bank.

Those who constantly drive at night or are on the road for long periods can be more exposed to having a serious accident and being prepared in case of an emergency is a must. One of the most clever and useful safety gadgets for drivers we have found is this keychain emergency escape tool. Ingeniously designed to be as compact and portable as possible, this emergency tool has a hammer made of stainless steel on one side, ideal to smash windows and get out of a vehicle if the driver needed to. On the other side, it comes with a razor-sharp blade that can cut through jammed seatbelts. We hope you’ll never need to use this gadget, though, but it is a reasonable acquisition that can be left inside the glove compartment.

Lastly, truck drivers and drivers of larger vehicles tend to struggle with what we call the blind spot. There are many situations in which visibility and information about our environment are essential, yet standard rearview mirrors do not provide all that information at times. The best way to solve this is by installing a 360° Blind Spot Mirror. This will help us when driving on a crowded road, parking in reverse, and increasing the view angle of your vehicle’s side mirrors altogether.