There here are two easy things you can do to make your vehicle cleaner and safer this winter. It’s not often that you can make a big difference but Installing rubber floor mats and replacing your windshield wiper blades can do just that. 

Floor Mats 

Rubber floor mats can add aesthetic appeal to a vehicle’s interior while protecting your carpet. 

Clean carpets keep the air in your vehicle from becoming musty. 

Rubber floor mats help reduce the amount of dust and allergens inside the vehicle. 

Tips for buying rubber floor mats. 

  • Look for a product that comes with a warranty. Such safeguards give consumers peace of mind. 
  • Insist on custom-fitted mats. A mat designed specifically for your make, model and year fits best and provides maximum protection. 
  • Check the cleats. Make sure the mat can grip the carpet, so it won’t slide around during driving. 
  • Protect your investment. Durable mats still need a thorough rinsing and the interior should still be vacuumed. Wash the mats regularly and clean the interior as they dry. 

Wiper Blades 

Wiper blades are easy to forget about during summer. But now is the time to make sure the blades aren’t frayed or cracked before harsh winter weather sets in. 

Your worn blades also may “chatter” when first used after months of sitting idle, skipping and chopping across the windshield without the wiper edge flipping over on the backswing across the window. 

Here are a couple of things to think about when it comes to wiper blades.   

  • Ask your service advisor to inspect your wiper blades the next time you go in for an oil change.
  • Choosing the right blade also depends on your local driving conditions – do you need a “hybrid” blade for traveling in both rain and snow, or a “winter” blade for especially heavy snow? Ask your service advisor about the best types of wiper blades for your region and weather. 
  • Don’t forget the rear wiper blade on your SUVs and crossovers.  

Just remembering these two accessories can help you get through the winter more safely while protecting your car.