With all the recent fire activity in California it may be of interest to some to learn a little about what happens to vehicles that have been damaged by fire. What does a repair shop do in these cases? 

There are many possible reasons for vehicle fires, everything from natural disasters as we have seen in California recently, to vandalism can be responsible for a car fire. Whatever the reason, the damage caused by car fires can often be extensive. In many cases, these cars might be too damaged to repair. But if damage is isn’t too serious, then auto body technicians can help make them road ready again. 

Car fires are a serious business, and depending on the circumstances of the fire, there may need to be an investigation. one of the first steps to repairing a fire-damaged car is to ensure you’re aware of any legal concerns that might affect whether or not the car can be repaired. Some auto body technicians will even take pictures of the car before, after, and during the repair to ensure the damage has been carefully documented. 

Technicians must take special safety precautions when working on fire damaged cars. There may be toxic chemicals and other hazards caused by the fire. For this reason, technicians need to ware safety goggles to protect the eyes and masks to protect the lungs.  

Fire damaged vehicles need to be cleaned thoroughly before any repairs can be done. Many fire extinguishers use dry chemicals to extinguish fires, and those chemicals can sometimes be corrosive. These chemicals can often and cause damage to parts or irritate skin that comes into contact with them. 

Only after all of this careful cleaning and attention to safety can the actual repairs begin. Cars and other vehicles which have been damaged by fire present their own special set of issues and it takes skilled and knowledgeable technicians to know how to deal with them.