Some people, like collectors buy classic cars and keep them in original condition with original equipment. These cars are seldom driven and are usually only brought out for shows and exhibits. But there are other people who want a classic car they can drive around for fun. If you want to drive your classic, here are some common upgrades that can modernize your classic for the modern highway. 

One of the first modern upgrades most people consider is adding a new disc brake system. If your classic vehicle has outdated drum brakes all the way around, consider adding a disc brake kit to at least the front wheels. This will add modern stopping power to your ride and possibly increase its value should you go on to sell it. 

While you’re working on the brakes, you should also consider doing some work on the suspension. An entry level suspension upgrade can add a stiffer, safer ride quality to your classic and increase its longevity. Suspension work can consist of anything from replacing old rubber bushing with modern polyurethane ones to getting an adjustable air ride system. You can spend a little or a lot of money but almost anything you do will improve the ride. 

Power steering is something we take for granted these days, but it wasn’t always available, especially with the older cars. Today’s traffic and parking conditions make power steering almost a necessity. Upgrading to a new rack-and-pinion power steering system can be a great investment and make it a lot more fun to drive your classic. 

Air conditioning in a car was once a luxury only for the rich and famous. Today, we expect to be comfortable when we drive, and nothing adds more comfort than air conditioning. If your car didn’t come with air conditioning originally there are plenty of kits available to upgrade almost any classic car.  

If you want to enjoy your classic car more by driving it around, consider some of these upgrades.