We are living in times when every aspect of our life is going through a process of digitalization, bringing many benefits and convenience, but also challenges and questions. In the trucking and transportation industries, technology has become an essential part of progress and innovation, with Electronic Logging Devices and Electronic License Plates becoming standard in the near future. Now, Digital Driver’s Licenses are getting close to becoming a reality, and these are some of the benefits they will bring.  

Losing our driver’s license is something that makes everybody a bit nervous since they contain sensitive information about us that could be misused, and the dread of going through the process might be even worse for some. Having digital driver’s licenses, we would assume the need to carry the physical one would be gone. However, DDLs are not intended to substitute physical cards but to complement them, reinforcing the security features of this document.  

Having data protection as one of its main goals, DDLs offer higher security features than those of physical cards, as creating illegitimate copies of them is more difficult. Several countries are already carrying out pilot programs in order to test how well they work in different situations. For example, airport security and law enforcement agencies are already accepting DDLs as valid identification cards. Clerks at different stores can also scan the codes of digital driver’s licenses and get real-time information that helps authenticate the document.  

DDLs also offer a lot of convenience when it comes to updating our information, getting rid of the process of having to go to our local DMV office and go over the paperwork. If we needed to update our information or renew our license, we would be able to do this over the internet or through a smartphone app instead. This would simplify the process while still protecting our information, preventing fraud and identity theft.  

This kind of licenses is already being tested in different states of the US, Australia, and Europe. So, if you are interested in trying it, we suggest you consult with your local DMV office and ask if they offer them. If they do, they should be able to pair your profile with your phone using a mobile app. The best part of this app is that you can only access the DDL information by entering your PIN or using your fingerprint. This way we will be able to add an extra layer of protection to our driver’s license.