Having your car towed usually means you’re not having the best of days. If you’re having your car towed it’s probably because you’ve had an accident, your car won’t start or is not functioning in some other way. For the most part the reasons for needing to have a car towed are not always good, so the last thing you need is more problems from the tow company you call. But if you take the time there are ways you can avoid problems with the tow company. Just asking them some important questions before you use them is the simplest way. 

Find out if they are registered and insured. The tow company you use should have a physical business location that they work out of. These are important pieces of information that can save you a lot of trouble if something goes wrong. If for some reason you end up having to file a claim with the company, it’s much easier to do it with a company instead of through an individual with no physical business location.  

Getting the right type of tow vehicle is also important. It is your responsibility to make sure your vehicle is not damaged so make sure the tow company you call has the right type of vehicle to tow your car or truck. Today, Flatbed tow trucks which load your car onto the back of the tow truck are becoming the most commonly used towing vehicles in use today. These trucks are highly preferred, as they are much less likely to damage your car or truck as when being towed behind. 

If you have time and it’s not an emergency, it doesn’t hurt to shop around for a good price. There are many factors that influence the price of the tow, with mileage being one of the biggest. Finding out which tow company is nearest can probably save you money. 

The next time you need a tow truck remember to be smart about it, ask a few questions and save yourself a lot of trouble.