Earthquakes can be quite devastating and cause severe damage to our properties, including our home and our vehicles, and we should always try to be as protected as we can. When it comes to cars, making sure our auto insurance policy will cover this type of damages is important, and we should try to read our policy and understand any limitation that might be there. This way, being ready in case of a rainy, or in this case, shaky day will be easier and simpler.  

As we already know, having a car insurance policy is a legal requirement in order for us to be able to drive one. Yet, the type of insurance that is required is a basic liability plan, which would cover the injuries or damage to others or their property in case we caused an accident. Therefore, under basic liability coverage, earthquake damage would not be covered, but our insurance company might offer different policy add-ons so that we can have a more complete policy.  

In order to be fully covered in case of an earthquake, we must look for another type of policy, which is often called comprehensive car insurance. This type of policies offer some of the highest levels of protection available in the market and includes coverage for a wide range of perils and accidents, including earthquake damage, fire, and theft. We must remember, though, that a comprehensive policy will be more likely to include higher premiums, too, so we need to balance our budget and our insurance needs before deciding for this.  

As we mentioned above, earthquakes can cause serious damage to our property, and cars can be particularly vulnerable to these damages, especially when we park them outside of our house on a curb or entryway. Some of the most common damages include: 

  • Falling objects and debris of buildings 
  • Fire caused by embers or buildings on fire 
  • Malicious damage as a result of social chaos, such as vandalism, riots, and looting 
  • Broken windshields and windows and body damage 
  • Crushed vehicles and serious damages that could total our car 

Even when earthquakes might not be as common as other weather perils like storms and floods, we shouldn’t leave the possibility of one out of our minds. Planning ahead and being ready and protected from earthquake insurance is a very smart decision, as it will lessen the recovery costs and we will be able to get back on track sooner rather than later.  

If you don’t know or are not sure if your current auto policy covers earthquake damage to your vehicle, contact your insurance provider and go over your coverage policy together. This will allow you to understand the extent of your coverage better and to take any necessary step you consider convenient.