Any car enthusiast who knows anything about cars will know about the Ford Boss 429. The Boss line of super cars was one of the most well known of Fords mustangs and is now a valued classic for car collectors. Well now it may be coming back. 

A company called Oklahoma Classic Recreations has secured a license from Ford to bring the iconic Ford product back to the streets. And it’s not just the Boss 429 but also the Boss 302 and Mach 1 lines that they will be bringing back.  

The first of the modern recreations will be unveiled at the 2018 SEMA show at the end of October. The first the newly designed 60’s inspired muscle cars to be displayed is slated to be the Boss 429. A released sketch of the design reveals a black car with modern wheels and a rear spoiler.  

With the licensing from Ford, Classic Recreations can use an original Mustang body from 1969 or 1970 model year’s or they can use a licensed modern body supplied by another firm. Reports indicate that the vehicles will be built to customers specifications with a modern chassis and powertrain. Unlike the 60’s editions, these modern Mustangs will feature all the latest safety features.  

For the car that will be displayed at SEMA, Classic Recreations will be equipping the car with a 429 V-8 with a stroker kit that will increase the displacement to 512 cubic inches. The powerful engine is expected to generate 815 horse power.  

But before you get ready to place your order there’s a couple of things you should know. These cars will take Classic Recreations an average of nearly 2500-man hours each to build. With the cost of labor being what it is you know it’s not cheap. If you really want one of these blasts from the past, get ready to fork out $209,000 which is the starting price. Don’t expect to see one of these at your nearby Ford dealer anytime soon.