Any car enthusiast will remember back in the day when two tone paint on your car was the way to go. Well the two-tone paint job has never really gone away. Today, many auto collectors and classic car builders are still using the two-tone color schemes that were once a common option from Detroit.  

But the two-tone schemes are not just for classic cars, they are also popular among the high-end cars of today. Flamboyant colors and combinations never went away for very high-end cars, such as Bugatti’s Veyron, for high rollers wanting to personalize their rides.  

The two-tone scheme has made its way into various groups of car enthusiasts. Many customized trucks are now featuring the split colors as a way to set off a low profile or trim package. Mini cars are also using the dual colors to make a statement and turn their cars into distinct works that catch the eye.  

With the popularity of the two-tone paint job never really having gone away it was only a matter of time before the auto makers would once again take notice. In only the past few years, about 20 models with contrasting body and roof colors have hit showroom floors in Europe. At the moment, this look is mostly found on SUVs, crossovers and hatchbacks, but it’s spreading to sedans, too. For example, the redesigned 2018 Toyota Camry has a two-tone paint option. 

Other popular new vehicles offering the style include Range Rover and Volvo with many more sure to follow.  

But as always, the auto makers are of course in it for the money. It’s all about customer choice right now regarding two-tone paint and as long as they’re willing to pay extra for it, automakers seemingly have no problem offering it. 

Still, there is no replacing the colors and styling of those old cars and their two-tone paint jobs.