Man squatting looking at car illustrates blog "Why Is My Car Paint Turning White?"

Why Is My Car Paint Turning White?

You’ve probably seen vehicles with paint that is turning white in some places. This is one of the most common types of automotive paint damage and the effect is definitely not pleasant to see. Keep reading to learn why car paint turns white and what you can do to prevent it. Why Is My Car…

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Closeup of car dent illustrates blog "Can Body Line Dents Be Repaired?"

Can Body Line Dents Be Repaired?

Any dent can ruin the appearance of your car, but body line dents have an even greater impact. That’s why today we discuss body line dents, from what they are to what it takes to repair them. Can Body Line Dents Be Repaired? The short answer is yes. Repairing body line dents requires more skill…

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Crack in a windshield seen from the inside of a car.

Do Windshields Crack on Their Own?

You’ve done everything: you have avoided bumpy roads, steered clear of potholes, and closed your car doors gently. And yet, there’s a crack in your windshield. Under those conditions, we can see why you would ask yourself if windshields crack on their own. Well, in today’s post, we provide an answer. Do Windshields Crack on…

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Photo of car interior illustrates blog: "How to Remove Paint From a Car’s Interior"

How to Remove Paint From a Car’s Interior

Even when you take precautions, paint can get anywhere, including on your car’s interior. Keep reading to learn how to deal with this common problem. Removing Paint From the Upholstery of Your Car As you know, there are two basic alternatives when it comes to upholstery: fabric and leather. The method you will use to…

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Photo of windshield seen from the inside illustrates blog: "Why Is My Windshield Streaky?"

Why Is My Windshield Streaky?

In addition to being aesthetically unpleasant, a streaky windshield poses a significant danger to your safety because it can impair your vision while you drive. With that in mind, in today’s post we answer some questions such as: “Why is my windshield streaky?” and “How to prevent streaks on my windshield?” Why Is My Windshield…

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