Photo of person hosing down car illustrates blog: "The Right Way To Clean Dust Off Your Car"

The Right Way To Clean Dust Off Your Car

Most car owners know they have to keep certain substances (such as coffee, soda, or brake fluid) away from their vehicle’s paint. But what about dust, the most common pollutant? In this post we explain why you should always clean dust off your car and the right way to do it. Here’s Why You Should…

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Photo of man waxing car illustrates blog: "3 Basic Car Detailing Mistakes to Avoid"

3 Basic Car Detailing Mistakes to Avoid

Planning to work on detailing your car? Avoiding these three basic car detailing mistakes goes a long way toward ensuring the best results. 1. Washing Your Car Under Direct Sunlight While warm days may feel like an invitation to wash your car, you should avoid doing it under direct sunlight. The reason is that intense…

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Man holding tire illustrates blog: "Why Do I Have to Rotate My Tires?"

Why Do I Have to Rotate My Tires?

You probably know that rotating the tires of your car is important. But why exactly do you have to rotate your tires? In this post, we answer this question and provide you with some useful tips about how and when to rotate your tires. Why Do I Have to Rotate My Tires? Your tires are…

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