Car paint is also an important part of your car

Car Paint, Layer by Layer

Car Paint is taken for granted by a lot of people. However, paint is an important part of your car, and a fascinating subject if you’re interested in science Come with us as we show you all the layers that your car’s paint comprises. With automotive paint, as with many other things, there is more…

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4 Factors that Damage Your Car Paint

Having their car in perfect conditions is the dream of all car owners. We all want our car to work perfectly and also look great, however this is not always possible. Some degree of car paint deterioration is inevitable. After all, your vehicle is exposed to the elements most of the time. But being aware…

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4 Signs Your Car’s AC Needs Service

With spring around the corner, it’s time to make sure your car’s air conditioning works properly. Mold, loose hoses, leaks and damaged parts are some of the usual causes of AC malfunctions. It’s important to address potential problems as soon as you notice a warning symptom. This way you’ll be able to avoid greater damage…

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