Photo of bubbles on car paint caused by corrosion illustrates blog: "Why Is My Car’s Paint Bubbling?"

Why Is My Car’s Paint Bubbling?

Bubbles or blisters or one of the last things you want to see in your car’s paint. But why does this happen and what can you do to avoid it? Keep reading to find out.  Why Is My Car’s Paint Bubbling? The technical name for the bubbles in automotive paint is osmotic blistering. These blisters…

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Photo of car with deteriorated paint illustrates blog: "Why Does Car Paint Peel?"

Why Does Car Paint Peel?

There are few sights as unpleasant as automotive paint peeling. But why does car paint peel? In today’s post, we explain the reasons that cause this damage and provide some useful tips to prevent your car’s paint from peeling off.  Why Does Car Paint Peel? There are several factors that may cause your car’s paint…

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