Photo of person driving with raindrops on windshield illustrates blog:6 Tips for Driving Safely in the Rain

6 Tips for Driving Safely When it Rains

Rain creates slippery road conditions that can be challenging even for experienced drivers. In fact, according to statistics from the Federal Highway Administration, 70% of weather-related crashes happen on wet pavement. Here, as in many other areas, knowledge empowers. That’s why today we bring you six tips you should keep in mind when driving in…

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Photo of woman driving illustrates blog: 4 Basic Windshield Maintenance Tips

4 Basic Windshield Maintenance Tips

Ensure that your windshield is always in pristine conditions with these four basic maintenance tips. A little effort goes a long way toward keeping your car looking like new! Inspect Your Windshield Often Paying attention is the most basic form of windshield maintenance. Take the time to inspect your windshield often so you can spot…

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A Glossary of Common Car Detailing Terms

A Glossary of Common Car Detailing Terms

Knowledge is power, and the same applies to your car. Learn more about car detailing with these seven common terms you will come across as you take care of your ride.  Abrasive A material or substance is abrasive when it can scratch or clean a surface by grinding. Some abrasive products can help you restore…

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