Paintless Dent Removal is convenient, cost-effective and quick.

What is Paintless Dent Removal?

Everyone knows the frustration that comes with dents and dings. Very often, they’re not the fault of the car owner, who has to figure out a way to repair them without affecting the value of their vehicle. Luckily, there’s a quick and cost-effective option to deal with minor damage that hasn’t chipped or cracked the…

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Door dings are a common occurrence that can be avoided with these simple precautions.

Avoid Door Dings With These Simple Tips

We all have been in a similar situation: You walk back to your car after running errands only to find that your door has been dinged by another vehicle. In fact, door dings are an annoying, common occurrence. But you can avoid them taking the following precautions. Park Away From Other Cars to Avoid Door…

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The paint of a used car can indicate if the vehicle has undergone repairs

How to Inspect the Paint of a Used Car

Inspecting a used car you intend to buy is a process that requires attention to detail, and that includes the exterior of the vehicle. As we have seen in other entries of our blog, paint is an important part of the structure of your car. Therefore, a thorough external revision should be a crucial part…

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Wash your car by hand following these easy tips

5 Tips to Wash Your Car by Hand

Washing your car is one of the simplest ways to take care of automotive paint. While taking your vehicle to a car wash is quick and convenient, it’s advisable to wash your car by hand whenever possible. This procedure is gentler to your car’s paint and, if done correctly, delivers striking results. Take Some Basic…

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